May 15, 2012

sugar freedom: day four

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May 2, Wednesday
[from my post on MOMYS]

It's Day 4 for me, here, and although I have not been a diehard, I really think I'm noticing differences.  The biggie for me is how I feel mid-morning (now that I have my coffee with no sugar).  Used to be that between homeschooling, toddler-sitting and housework I'd about go crazy most mornings, feel totally overwhelmed and exasperated, and often get this pressure behind my eyes that made me feel like I HAD to close my eyes.  Both the emotions and the physical symptoms have disappeared with the coffee sugar.  I can't believe it!!  My mind feels clearer and I'm better able to handle the children.  And these have NOT been easier days!!  I am pleased.

Also, when I've had a bit of sugar, it seems to me that my seasonal allergies flare up, and once (after a small piece of cake) I saw myself feeling anxious and insecure.  The food journal is really helping me to notice how I'm reacting to my meals.

This is going to be worth it.

Had the nightly potato twice.  Not sure it made a difference in my sleep, but I'll keep it up anyway.  Still waiting for the Potato book from the library.

Day Four, according to those who have gone before in kicking the sugar habit, is supposed to be the worst day.  I think it wasn't too bad for me because I hadn't yet completely given sugar up.  At this point, my Farmer and I are still having our morning square of chocolate, although by now it's down to truly just one square!  So I think the withdrawal symptoms were, for us, much more spread out.  

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