May 22, 2012

sugar freedom: day 12

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming (i.e. my sugar freedom journal).  Hope you enjoyed the brief educational/confessional interlude!

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May 10, Thursday 

[from my post on MOMYS]

My food journal isn't showing me anything other than that potato and the eggs.  I don't have strong feelings of attachment to either food but the revulsion I was feeling is my biggest clue.  Last night I had half an apple before bed (instead of the potato) and still slept crappy, but felt better today.  No egg for breakfast, either, but whole wheat bread with cream cheese and apple butter (no sugar in either), a handful of almonds, half a banana with (no sugar) peanut butter, and my mug of decaf with cream.

Felt great this morning. AND .... (drumroll) .... our moms' group met for the last time this school year for a brunch, and even though the table was absolutely loaded with yummy desserts, honestly none of them tempted me.  At all!!!!  I felt sooo free!!  

I had thought, ahead of time, that I might go ahead and have one serving of dessert just to sort of test what the sugar would do to me, and how I would handle that emotionally.  But once I was there, I just wasn't hungry for any of the sweet things!  And even for the sake of experimentation, nothing looked worth the trouble - and the table included chocolate cookies, cheesecake, danish, lemon bars, some gooey-looking cake, sweet rolls (a friend's recipe which I had very much enjoyed in the past), coffee cake, on and on and on!  It just didn't look appealing.

If that blows your mind, let me tell you that it sure blew mine.

So I ate egg casserole, whole grain tortilla chips (0g sugar), and a black bean & bell pepper salad dressed with balsamic vinegar (which I didn't know till I tasted it - waaaaay too sweet!).

I can hardly believe that my body has actually been changed so dramatically in so short a time (week and a half).

So - no, after all that, there's no way I'm dropping the ball on this.  But.  That nightly potato is going to be occasional, with an apple or toast most nights.  I'll try to be more prompt about its consumption, and I'll be using morning eggs more sporadically too.

I'm also curious about protein - is anyone minoring in the animal products and majoring in the grain/dairy/bean category?  I think I'd like to swing in that direction, partly for budgetary concerns, and partly just because that's how I'm more used to eating.


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